Video – Leadville Trail 100 Run 2009

May 6, 2010 · Filed Under Videos 


Overview of the Leadville Trail 100 2009 race with some footage of runners at the aid stations and a few of the final finishers. VN:F... More »»

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Leadville Trail 100 Race Report

August 25, 2009 · Filed Under Race Reports 

Quoting: […] I was really starting to get worried about finishing at all. I started doing the math, and was now thinking... More »»

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Parr and Clemons Take Leadville Trail 100

August 24, 2009 · Filed Under Races & Events 


Relatively unexpected winners this year at the 27th annual Leadville Trail 100 Mile. Although Tim Parr was on some of the... More »»

Video – Duncan Callahan Interview on

August 21, 2009 · Filed Under Videos 


In the days leading up to the 2009 Leadville 100 mile run, Vasque runner and 2008 Leadville champion Duncan Callahan discusses... More »»

Bad Ben’s Chronicles: Leadville

August 27, 2008 · Filed Under Podcasts 

Quoting: Endurance Planet’s favorite Trail Nerd, Bad Ben Holmes, has sent us a new race report from one of his fellow... More »»

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Leadville 100 mile Run – Colorado

August 26, 2008 · Filed Under Race Reports 

Quoting: …When you register for this race they mail you a guide book with the schedule of events, rules and regulations... More »»

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Duncan Callahan Interviewed on Adventure Edge Radio

August 22, 2008 · Filed Under Interviews, Podcasts 

On top of some more adventure oriented topics – the dam that burst in the Grand Canyon and the danger it posed or... More »»

Race Report: Leadville 100

August 17, 2008 · Filed Under Race Reports 

Quoting: …Because of the my disaster the day before my intention was to simply survive the day and finish, the start... More »»

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Leadville Trail 100 Results

August 17, 2008 · Filed Under Trail Bits 

We’ve got winners for the 2008 Leadville 100! Duncan Callahan from Gunnison, CO took the victory with a time of 18:02:39,... More »»

The “Race Across the Sky” is Back this Weekend

August 15, 2008 · Filed Under News, Races & Events 


· Photo by thomas23 · One more year – since 1983 when Kenneth Chlouber came up with the “crazy idea”... More »»

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