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First of all, I own TrailrunninSoul readers an apology. Any website, and specially one structured as a blog, should get weekly, if not daily, updates. And the trail running world is always full of news worth of writing about: races, gear, runners, etc. But TRS has had a notable lack of updates for most part of this year (and specially since summer) and that’s why I apologyse to all of you loyal readers. It’s still my blog (with some great help from colaborators) and so I have the right to work on it as much or as low as I want (or can) but there’s still a commitment with all of you who have been on the other side of the screen for quite some time now.

So why the lack of updates? It has a very close relation with trail running, and its name is Traiectus, trail running tours.

When you run a site like this one mostly on your own (again, with the help of a few people that I greatly appreciate) there’s one thing that you absolutely need in vast amounts: time. But the time available to work on TRS has been decreasing since I decided to be an entrepreneur and start my own project. Traiectus is the name of that project which, in a nutshell, is about offering trail running tours in the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava, two beautiful spots in the North-Eastern corner of Spain.

There are currently four different type of tours available:

Trail Brava: a 4-day tour through the coastal trails of the renowned Costa Brava. You will visit beautiful coastal villages, stay in cozy hotels and run on a great variety of trails (dirt roads, technical singletrack, beaches, etc). A combination of tourism, outdoor sports and trail running perfect for an off-season trip (read here, when the weather keeps you from running where you live)

Trail Rocabruna: a 3-day option ideal for those willing to get a taste of the Pyrenées. Ranging from 2300ft to 6500ft, this is a 55mile tour which will take you through tiny mountain villages. Singletrack and dirt roads, cozy mountain lodges and hotels and the opportunity of running in a highly rich cultural environment

Trail Malniu: 3 days right in the heart of the Pyrenees. This is a 35 mile high altitude and demanding route through some of the highest peaks of the Eastern Pyrenees (up to 9000feet). You’ll stay in huts and live for three days the spirit of these mountains (and maybe even come across Kilian Jornet in one of his training routines… ;)

Weekend tours: it’s basically a 2-day version of the Trail Brava and Trail Rocabruna, planned to give trail runners the option of a short weekend trip.

The tours can also be expanded to last more than the standard days and can also be customized to the needs of each group: we can go out on any given dates, make the routes longer/shorter, easier/harder and even choose the % of types of trails the group wants to run. With the help of local professional guides (experienced trail runners) each tour gives the possibility of discovering Spain and its wild nature in a way not available until now. Each tour gives a unique experience to all level runners, from those looking for a combination of traditional holidays spiced up with a bit of running, to those craving for high altitude demanding trail runs. If this sound like something you’d like to try, head over to the website for more details (currently in Catalan, Spanish, English and -not 100%- in French).

So if the thought “this guy again forgot to post something this week” ever crossed your mind, bare with me. There’s only 24 hours in a day and my main efforts are towards those projects that might financially sustain me better than TRS. And of those projects (there are more than one), Traiectus in the one needing more attention righ now.

That been said, keep stopping by, as news, videos and product tests are on the pipeline! Thanks for being out there!

Note: there’s currently a survey on Traiectus’ website to get feedback from trail runners before setting up the new offer for 2011. If you’d like to help (and to have a chance to win a pair of Salomon Speedcross 2) just click here and answer a few questions!

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