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For guaranteed traction and security when running on icy, snowy terrain, La Sportiva has launched a solution inspired by the auto racing industry. Rally racing tyres are hand studded during winter to achieve maximum safety in extreme weather. Inspired by this concept, La Sportiva has created the AT Grip Spike: removable hobnails that are easy to insert into any rubber soled shoe, providing exceptional traction on ice, snow and mud.

The self-fitting studs are easily applied using the complementary spanner. The studs are also adjustable to match various terrain conditions: slightly icy terrain would require only one single toe spike, whereas snowy or muddy conditions would require a greater stud depth. The number of spikes inserted is also adjustable depending on individual requirements.

When the studs are no longer required they can be easily removed, and the sole will return to its original condition. The studs can be reinserted whenever required.

With the AT Grip Spikes, no terrain is out of bounds! You will become your own rally racing car!

Suitable for the following models: CROSSLITE, CROSSOVER, CROSSOVER 2.0 (2011), CROSSLEATHER.

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