Trail Running 101

August 24, 2007 · Filed Under Articles, Beginners 

Off-road running is catching. Specially in some areas around the North East of the US. Why? Well, Ian Parlin and Jamie Anderson... More »»

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Salomon packvest review

August 17, 2007 · Filed Under Shoes & Gear 

Definitely ultra-running gear is evolving and adjusting to the needs of high demanding race runners. Hydration systems are... More »»

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Planning a Trail Race Series

August 11, 2007 · Filed Under Articles, Races & Events 

author: Jessica Deline Planning, love for trail running and lots of time. This is what you will need to get into race director.... More »»

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Tips to choose your trail running shoes

August 8, 2007 · Filed Under Shoes & Gear 

6 quick tips for getting adequate off-road running shoes published by the online version of Outside magazine. VN:F [1.8.5_1061]please... More »»

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Cross-country lessons

August 8, 2007 · Filed Under Articles, Skills & Techniques 

author: Ed Eyestone Neville Peterman was the coach who taught runner Ed Eyestone some training strategies that contributed... More »»

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7 Tips For Trail Running

August 2, 2007 · Filed Under Articles, Beginners 

author: Julie Fingar Short review of tips advisable to anyone who runs off-road – or is planning to – : body... More »»

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